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Kids Songs

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Super Simple

Patel studios

Sky Ship TV

Kid Mastermind

Some of these songs are fun but under tempo to teach pre school children Letters, Numbers and Words

  1. Knees up Mother Brown
  2. Silly Sailor
  3. Mamma Don't Allow
  4. Mocking Bird
  5. Girls And Boys
  6. Bow Wow
  7. Come Follow
  8. Flea Fly
  9. Silver Birch
  10. Owl And Pussy Cat
  11. Cockles and Mussels
  12. Alphabet Boogie (Up Tempo)
  13. Dem A B C Bones (Up Tempo)
  14. 5 Monkeys (Up Tempo)
  15. Buckle My Shoe (Up Tempo)
  16. 10 Bottle Of Pop
  17. Shortnin' Bread
  18. Bunny Foo Foo
  19. Lullaby/Piano/Nature
  20. Lullaby/Bells/Ocean
  21. LullabyBells/Womb
  22. Track Title

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Small selection of Albums available on iTunes, Amazon and the Internet

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